Playing Guitar Pentatonic Scales with Backing Tracks

One of the best things you can do to become a better guitar player is to learn to play with backing tracks in each of the keys available on guitar. Today it is very easy to practice with backing tracks while playing your guitar because of the technology. If you have an Ipad2 you can easily go to You tube and get any number of backing tracks and start jamming right away.  You don't need an IPad to take advantage of You Tube backing tracks.  You can use your laptop, desktop or any computer to access the tracks you need.  Just type in backing tracks for guitar on You tube into Google search and you will be amazed at all the jam tracks at your finger tips.
Pick out the key for the pentatonic scale type in “backing track in key of A for guitar” for example and see what comes up. You will find several different options based on the type of jam you want to play and the speed of the beat. Check out a couple different tracks and start jamming on your pentatonic scales while incorporating some riffs, licks and bends and listen to the tone and pitch. If you can tune your guitar with a pitch pipe you should be able to hear the notes that are in or out of key.

When you are doing your bends in the pentatonic scales you have to be especially aware of the pitch of the bend. The bluesy sound of the blues comes in part from the bending of the strings to add emphasis and feeling. However, bending of the guitar strings will change the pitch of that note and it can bring the note into or out of the proper key. The only way to keep the pitch of the note in the right key when bending notes in the pentatonic scale is by ear and therefore by many hours of practice with backing tracks.

Be sure to go easy on yourself when you first try jamming with backing tracks if you have been practicing your scales on your own. Just give your self a little time and you will be able to create some awesome sounding jams that will prepare you to get in a band or go sit in with your friends at the local club and show them some riffs. It all starts with learning the pentatonic scales good enough to do them in your sleep.


  1. someone mentioned to me that using the IPad reference in the article might be confusing so wanted to clarify. You can access You Tube with any computer, tablet or desktop and certainly don't need an Ipad to take advantage of all the great free backing tracks on you tube.
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